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Database backup and recovery
Suzhou Metalogic Information Technology Co.,Ltd   2018-09-26 11:25:30 Author:SystemMaster

Data security services

Data Security can make data security protection plans and for customers, deal with various data security protection events with data security risk assessments and managements, Data security minimizes the negative impact of data leaks, Understanding of data security regulations, Implementation of security controls for data security protection, Ensure the security, compliance and compliance of enterprise information
in addition, we provide the following services

Database maintenance

Provide system database repair, data recovery, database backup, restore, etc.

Data conversion

In order to adapt to the enterprise business adjustment, the data is adjusted according to the customer's needs, including data transfer, server changes, data export and import.

Data security testing

Conduct regular data security testing of customer systems and provide recommendations on data security to ensure maximum data security and business continuity

Data migration services

Assist customers to migrate business data from the original server to the specified new server; Assist customers to transfer effectively between different storage devices or databases to maintain data integrity;

Data mining, report development

According to customer needs, develop interface, dig data, produce BI reports and other development services