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Information security capability assessment
Suzhou Metalogic Information Technology Co.,Ltd   2018-09-26 11:25:03 Author:SystemMaster
Information security capability assessment,penetration test,Vulnerability scanning,Social engineering simulation test


4 days of Internet-based to assess the vulnerabilities


4 days of internal network vulnerabilities


2 days of wireless surveying and penetration testing. Testing will look to identify both misconfigured corporate wireless Access Points (APs) as well as rogue APs at up to 3 physical sites within a close geographic proximity.


2 days of physical testing of building security. Testing may be performed at up to 3 physical sites within a close geographic proximity.

Social Engineering

This testing can take many forms, most commonly leveraging targeted phishing emails. Malicious USB drives or phone-based social engineering are two other options.

Web Application

This testing leverages deep, manual web application testing techniques to identify vulnerabilities in one web application. Testing is performed from the perspective of an unauthenticated visitor in addition to a legitimate application user.

penetration test:penetration test is an assessment method for evaluating the security of a computer network system by simulating the attack method of a malicious hacker, breaking the security control measures of the target system, obtaining access control rights, and discovering potential threats.