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Information Technology Operation and Maintenance Service Business Objectives

IT system services and operation and maintenance services, are organized around the three basic elements of people, technology, and business processes. These three elements are related to each other and mutually restrict each other. Together, they determine the effectiveness of IT service business objectives. For IT services and operation and maintenance services, the goal of IT service is to ensure the normal, reliable, efficient and secure operation of IT systems and provide quality services to business departments. "Technology" refers to various management monitoring systems, "Personnel" is the staff of IT support department at all levels, "Process" refers to various business processes for IT services and operation and maintenance, for example, alarm fault handling process, equipment configuration modification process and so on.

Information Technology Operation and Maintenance Services

IT operation and maintenance services refer to a series of equipment used by employees in the workplace for information processing, communication and computing, including computer hardware and software and other related equipment. Their management is the most daily work of each unit using the IT desktop. Specifically, it is the maintenance of the office environment. Detailed work includes:

Initial system check

When the office environment is just established or ready to be established, it can provide an inspection of the global environment and draw up the best plan suitable for the unit or identify irrational and emerging problems.

Hardware troubleshooting

Locate and handle the failure of PC, notebook, printer and other office equipment.

Hardware expansion upgrade

Upgrade or replace equipment that is not satisfied with the office environment.

Software system support

The system software and general software are maintained, such as the selection, installation, use, and optimization of technical guidance and processing, and the system can be monitored to achieve zero distance maintenance.

Support for anti-virus systems

Conduct anti-virus security technical treatment, such as virus detection, anti-virus software solutions, virus prevention and security policies.

Support for network systems

Maintain the simple network condition globally, and make customized optimization and troubleshooting.

Daily maintenance management

Manage the resources and assets of IT systems in the enterprise and realize the more convenient data interaction of the financial Department of the enterprise; Normalize and clarify the duties and work arrangements of the personnel, provide quantitative basis for performance evaluation, and provide means to solve the accumulation and sharing of experience and knowledge, so as to achieve a sound IT operation and maintenance management to improve the business level and service level of enterprises.

Advisory services

Provide corresponding consulting services for the above IT desktop service links, but implement according to the contract after the maintenance contract is signed.