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Suzhou Metalogic Information Technology Co.,Ltd   2018-09-26 11:16:40 Author:SystemMaster

Education Informatization

1.By 2020, we will basically build an education information system that is "everyone can learn, learn everywhere, and learn from time to time" and is compatible with the National Education modernization development goals.
2.It basically realizes the role of education informatization in promoting students 'all-round development, supporting the deepening of the comprehensive reform in the field of education, and promoting the development of educational innovation, balanced development, and quality development.
3.It basically forms an information development path with Chinese characteristics with international advanced level, information technology and education integration and innovation;
4. We have basically achieved full coverage of broadband networks in schools at all levels and full coverage of the online teaching environment, and quality digital education resources and services basically meet the needs of informatization and individualized learning. The application of online learning space is popularized, and the "life space and life characteristics" are realized, and the level of education management informatization is significantly improved.
5. Information technology is used in teaching and management for teachers, students, and managers. Information technology and education and teaching are further integrated. Teachers 'information-based teaching ability and students' information literacy are significantly improved, and a number of targeted information-based teaching and management innovation models are formed.
6.We will further improve education informatization policies and regulations, build a sound environment for education informatization, and significantly improve the level of education informatization governance. The awareness of network security in the field of education has been significantly enhanced, the system of institutions has been further improved, standards and norms have been gradually improved, and the level of protection has been significantly improved. A network security system adapted to the development of educational reforms has been formed, and the healthy development of information technology in education has been guaranteed.