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Data concentration, increased risk

The establishment of large data centers for centralized data processing in industries such as operators, governments, finance, and electricity has also meant that the concentration of data has increased the risk, and improving the enterprise's ability to resist risks has become an urgent problem that needs to be considered and solved.

Business disruption has a significant impact on the enterprise
In the absence of business continuity in the business of the enterprise, the disruption of critical business has a significant impact on the enterprise: direct loss of income, loss of productivity, loss of reputation and loss of financial performance.

Disaster backup is also required by national policies and regulations

United States Sarbanes-Oxley Act

China Central Office "Opinions of the National Informatization Leading Group on Strengthening Information Security Work"
PBC "Guiding Opinions on Strengthening Bank Data Security Work"
China Banking Regulatory Commission, Guidelines for Risk Management of Information Systems in Banking Financial Institutions, Guidelines for Operational Risk Management of Commercial Banks
Securities Regulatory Commission "Technical Guidelines for Security Management of Centralized Transactions of Securities Companies"
China Insurance Regulatory Commission "Guidelines for Disaster Recovery Management of Insurance Industry Information System"

BCP/BCM consultation

Develop customized business continuity and disaster recovery plans for clients with risk assessment and management capabilities, deal with all kinds of disaster events to minimize the negative impact of the disaster, business processes will not be interrupted or the least interruption, to ensure the safety of corporate physics, information, and human assets!