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Consulting and Implementation
Suzhou Metalogic Information Technology Co.,Ltd   2018-11-08 14:06:27 Author:SystemMaster
The biggest problem of enterprise informatization is the uncertainty and mobility of IT project definition, and the lack of correct project requirements is the main reason for the failure of IT projects. IT project staff often lack a comprehensive understanding of the organization's strategic goals and IT strategic planning. When implementing IT projects, they will put more perspectives on the technical level, ignoring the ability to understand the strategic goals of the organization and the ability to understand the information. ” Reference: IBM Consulting

1.ERP system consultation and implementation
2.system consultation and implementation
3.OA system consultation and implementation
4.CRM system consultation and implementation
5.BI Business Intelligence Analysis
6.Cloud computing planning consultation and implementation
7.Operation Maintenance Platform Consultation and Services
Provision of SAP/EPICOR/SCALA professional advisory services