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ISO 20000 System Certification and Implementation

IT organizations have been characterized by good technology and good technical support from the generation to the development of a long period of time. However, today's information systems are not simply the technical support of enterprises. Informatization has changed from "technology-driven" to "business-driven". The role of the IT department has gradually begun to change from a simple information technology provider to an information service provider. Objectively, information management is also required to change to the IT service management model.
For the service delivery(operation) process, following the relevant service management standards(such as ISO20000) can standardize the input and production processes of service operations. Only by standardizing the process can we ensure that the final service quality and cost meet the predetermined standards, and can we achieve the process control and achieve the goal of quality control.
IT Service Management(ITSM) is a set of methods for enterprises to effectively manage IT systems. It mainly includes the planning, development, implementation, and operation of IT systems. According to Gartner, an international research authority in the it field,ITSM is a collaborative process that ensures the quality of IT services through service level agreements(SLA). It integrates systems management, network management, system development management and other management activities and changes management, asset management, problem management and many other processes.,theory and practice. ITSM's international authoritative organization, itSMF(International IT Service Management Forum), believes that ITSM is a process-oriented, client-centered approach that integrates IT services and organizational services. Improve the ability and level of organization IT service delivery and service support.
Two components of ISO 20000
ISO/IEC 20000-1 Information technology-Service management Part-1:Specification
ISO/IEC 20000-1 Information Technology-Service Part 1: Specialization(Information Technology Service Management Standard Specification, Certification Requirements):
This paper discusses in detail the work that needs to be done to implement effective service management, mainly related to management system, relationship framework, terminology definition, service flow, etc.. To achieve the management and control of IT services by setting out detailed work objectives and work content and providing standard guidance for service management.
ISO/IEC 20000-1 Information technology-Service management Part-2:Code of practice
ISO/IEC 20000-1 Information Technology-Service Part-2: Code of Practice(Best Practice in Information Technology Service Management): It provides practical points and methodological guidelines for implementing ITSM in accordance with ISO20000-1 and is an important tool for implementing service improvement planning.
Framework system
Organizational benefits
Ensure the quality of IT service management, demonstrate its strength, and fully meet the industry standards
We like customers to prove their own special IT services, and commit to service stability and continuous service delivery capabilities, to meet customer business application requirements and legal and regulatory requirements;
Strengthen the IT service consciousness of the organization personnel, standardize the behavior of the organization to provide IT service, build a new type of role responsibility system, realize scientific division of labor and operation management
Provide comprehensive and systematic protection of the organization's critical IT assets to ensure business continuity.
To qualify for certification, enterprises need to meet the following basic requirements
Management requirements cover all processes
Authentication will be denied if the required management process is ignored because the client does not have to perform one or more specified processes or because it is subject to management control by another organization
Effective management control of the process
Service providers are not required to perform all processes themselves, but management is required as a means of achieving effective control over those processes
Considerations of legal entities
The certificate can only be granted to a single legal entity